During my three years of studies at Chalmers University of Technology at the architecture program I have made some projects including urban planning, different households, an office, a sauna and not to mention a complete hotel.


Autumn 2016


A hotel project situated in the center of Gothenburg. Between Götaplatsen and Korsvägen a conference hotel with 120 rooms, a large assembly hall for 300 people and a restaurant will take place.


Different sizes of conference rooms for different constellations of people and through the whole building a waterfall is falling down which takes your mind to a calm place, just like the hotel Locus.


Autumn 2016 (Teamwork)


At the border between Bergsjön and Kortedala, two suburbs of Gothenburg, a connection is being made.


New houses for 2500 people is being built. Also a new market-place, a library and an add to the old school is done. The project aim was to build together the two suburbs for a prospective cooperation and friendship bound.


Spring 2016


Near Frölunda Torg, in the west parts of Gothenburg, in a place called Flatås a new region of houses are added.


Including a market-place, good communication paths for pedestrians and cyclists and a varied type of households this forgotten area of the city is getting a new soul and new looks for the future.


Spring 2016 (Teamwork)


Near Gothenburg, in a city called Alingsås, three state owned companies have decided to work together under the same roof. The location, or the building, is an old factory where menswear were being made in the late 20's.


The office is designed as a thought of the worker as active. Depending on what you do during the day you'll find a spot that suits your working tasks.


Autumn 2015


A current program is the one in Linköping, Vallastaden, that is being built at the moment. A whole new part of the city is being developted with houses for several thousands of people.


This project contained one of this houses with 13 apartments for different family constellations.


Autumn 2015 (Teamwork)


Between Gothenburg and Borås a small city, or village, called Sandared is situated. Right now is not much happening but that is about to change.


The old textile factory is getting a new face with a different container. A brand new collage for people who likes music, art and culture is the answer.


Spring 2015


Close to Gothenburg in a city called Mölndal a site of 16 new townhouses are added.


With two stories and a total of 134 square meters this wood made houses are distinguished from the sourroundings as a answer to the todays' building expression.


Autumn 2014


What is greater than taking a bath in a cold Swedish lake, running towards a warm place with your towel wrapped around you and then get to feel the 80 degree sauna unit warming you completely.



This project is called Ligno, a name from Esperanto for the word wood. The sauna is located in Delsjön, around 15 minutes with tram from the train station of Gothenburg.

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