Name: Albin Andersson

Date of birth: 12 january 1995

Nationality: Sweden

Address: Volrat Thamsgatan 16

Phone: +46 707 33 09 69

Email: info@albinandersson.se


A 23 year old architect student living on the upper west coast of Sweden in the city of Gothenburg. I was born in the south of Sweden just outside Helsingborg.


In my spare time I like taking photographs and study the art of champagne. I also like to watch the latest movies at the cinema with a friend or two.


During my life I have always put school related things first. If there has been any spare time I often went training. Either with fotball, tennis or bowling. I also went a lot to the gym during the period of working there. Except from that photographing and web design have made my life complete.


Chalmers University of Technology - 2017 -Current

During first semester I created a new school of architecture in the Matter, Space & Structure studio. This spring I took part in a competition course of a preschool and right now I am part of a housing studio.


Chalmers University of Technology - 2014 -2017

After finishing the Upper secondary schooI I moved to Gothenburg to study architecture. In the spring of 2017 I finished the Bachelor thesis.


Kullagymnasiet - 2011 - 2014

My education included, except from the basic competence, Mathematics 4 & 5, Physics 2, Chemistry 2 and Biology 2. I also took part in two specialization courses containing Web design and Computer/Communication.


Ereim AB - 2017 - Current

Last fall I got the opportunity to work with a firm that creates and sells townhouses all over Sweden. My task is to draw new facade alternatives that works hand in hand with the floorplan.


Nordic Wellness - 2014 - 2015

When I resettled, because of studies, I continued working for the gym company but in Gothenburg.


Nordic Wellness - 2014 - 2014

During one summer after I graduated from upper seconday school I worked for a gym company in my hometown Höganäs.


FOSS - 2011 - 2014

During four summers I worked in the agriculture segment with testing and mounting of new analyze instruments for a Danish company based in Hillerød, Denmark.

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